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Students undertake three issues analysis assessments (15% each) one for each of the key areas of ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics.

Students identify:

  • why the issue chosen is a philosophical issue
  • different responses to the philosophical issue
  • what position they will take in response to the philosophical issue
  • a justifiable defence for the position taken
  • how they will communicate this position to others.

Presentations should be a maximum of 1500 words if written or a maximum of 10 minutes if oral, or the equivalent in multimodal form. At least one assessment should be presented in writing.

Issue Analysis One - Reason and the Existence of God (Term 2


Belief in God or a supreme being can be found throughout history and in many cultures. People’s belief in the existence of God is mainly a matter of faith. However, some philosophers have attempted to demonstrate God’s existence through rational argument.

Issue Analysis Two - Epistemology: an Explanation (Term 2/3)epistemology.jpg

This analysis requires you to explain various ways of knowing.

DUE DATE: Monday Week 8, Term 2

Issue Analysis Three - The Moral Obligations towards the Future or Environment (Term 3)right way.jpg

What moral obligations do we have towards future generations or towards the environment?

Using the moral theories studied in class discuss the various moral positions in relation to the moral significance of future generations or the environment, including your own position.


How will you present your findings? This topic opens itself to many possibilities: role-play, oral presentation/PowerPoint, time-shift short story, letters from the future, time capsule letters to the future, essay, drama or dialogue script, multimedia presentation, series of letters to the editor, etc.

Which will you choose? Choose a method which is appropriate to what you are trying to say. Account for why you have chosen that method as part of your presentation. Other presentations are possible by negotiation.


Performance Standards for this task KU1, KU2; RA1, RA2, RA3; C1, C2.