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At the heart of philosophical enquiry are QUESTIONS such as........

striving to understand the Nature of Reality and our place in it.

Philosophy strives for TRUTH Philosophy strives for WISDOM.
Let's look at a quick video to get things going

I will put a number of questions on the screen. (FROM IPAD - Introduction to Philosophy)
For each question you are to jot down your initial response in the time I allocate. THEN, note what makes each question Philosophical.
Class discussion will follow.

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Other important sub branches of Philosophy include:

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Political Philosophy

Our goal this year will be to explore a wide range of philosophical questions and topics as possible.We will however focus on a few specific areas:
  1. Argument Analysis - the tools of the trade in analysing and constructing Arguments;
  2. Explore the differences between Western and Eastern philosophies;
  3. Existentialism;
  4. The Ethics of responsibility - the Future and the Environment

A final word from Stephen FryAt the end of viewing this - you are to respond to the following statement in no less than 400 words:"Why I chose to study Stage 2 Philosophy and what I hope to get out of it". You will then share this with a partner and the class.

A Survey for Homework