Forest.jpegWhat moral obligations do we hold to the future and environment?

Some fundamental questions to grapple with....

Should there be limits on what we choose to do with nature?

Do we have a duty to protect nature? Could our duty ever require us to save a plant, animal,or habitat, even if that means that we must make some sacrifice?

ƒWhat should we do to protect the environment so that we, and our descendants, can continue to enjoy and benefit from the natural world?

How should we harvest and make use of natural resources without exhausting those resources?

ƒ Do trees and animals have rights of their own?

ƒ Does the natural world have a value apart from its support of human life?

A great powerpoint to start with......

An interesting article to read and absorb....
The Case for Valuation

A TED Video to stimulate some thought and discussion.ted_logo.gif

Another interesting Youtube lecture - just ignore the Peruvian pan pipe soundtrack.
Of particular interest is the idea of the Tragedy of the Commons.

Tragedy of Commons pt 2.jpg

This document comes from the Goldman Environmental Prize and Video Project.It is a large PDF file, but has some excellent and relevant material for our study of environmental ethics. Of note, is the opening sections.

The climate change debate provides a strong link to many of the ethical dimensions we would like to explore.

Click the image below for a link to a Wikipage for the Yr 8/9 Big Questions course topic on this debate.

Here's a link to the wikipedia entry for Jarred Diamond's excellent book Collapse

The Summative Task - Issue Analysis Task 3

What moral obligations do we have towards future generations or towards the environment?

Using the moral theories studied in class discuss the various moral positions in relation to the moral significance of future generations or the environment, including your own position.


How will you present your findings? This topic opens itself to many possibilities: role-play, oral presentation/PowerPoint, time-shift short story, letters from the future, time capsule letters to the future, essay, drama or dialogue script, multimedia presentation, series of letters to the editor, etc.

Which will you choose? Choose a method which is appropriate to what you are trying to say. Account for why you have chosen that method as part of your presentation. Other presentations are possible by negotiation.

Word Limit: Maximum 1500 words (or multimedia equivalent) or 10 minutes for an oral presentation.