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These units will include all the input material and formative tasks that you will need for successful completion of the final summative tasks.

An Introduction to Philosophy Philo 101.jpg

What is Philosophy all about ? This introductory unit will explore the nature of philosophical
enquiry and how it differs from other human pursuits.
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atheism-atheist-heaven-cartoon.gifAn Introduction to Metaphysics, Epistemology and Ethics

This unit will introduce you to the three key philosophical study areas of the nature of reality,
the nature of knowledge, and the nature of 'right' action. Each area will be introduced with
key concepts and interconnections.
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Arg Analysis 1.png

Argument Analysis Unit 1 - Tools of the Trade

Philosophical inquiry revolves around the ability to think clearly. Being able to identify, analyse
and evaluate arguments in their various forms, are crucial tools of the trade for any
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God banner.jpgMetaphysics in Depth - Reason and the Existence of God

Belief in God or a supreme being can be found throughout history and in many cultures. People’s belief in the existence of God is mainly a matter of faith. However, some philosophers have attempted to demonstrate God’s existence through rational argument.

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Epistemology Banner.jpg Epistemology in Depth - Ways of Knowing

What is the truth? How do we know anything? What are the problems
of perception? In what ways do Western and Eastern cultures both
perceive and explain reality differently? These questions and more will
be teased out in this fascinating unit.
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right way.jpgEthics in Depth - Moral Theories

What do you base your ethical decisions on? What do and have others based
theirs on? Can we ever make purely rational ethical decisions or are we
doomed to a world of complete ethical relativity?
This unit explores a number of key ethical theories such as Virtue Ethics,
the Categorical Imperative and Utilitariansim, and shows how these can be linked
to particular and individual ethical decisions.
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Ethics-Banner.jpgEthics in Depth - Moral Obligations to the future and Environment

A major ethical dilemma that humans face is how much individuals and societies owe to the future and to the environment. The Climate Change debate, for instance, encounters both problems and will be examined in some detail as a topical and controversial example
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philosophy_banner4.jpg Issues Study - How to do it well

The culmination of your Stage 2 Philosophy course will be a free choice Issue Study.
This unit will give you plenty of options for the study, advice from examiners and past students
as well as help in researching and preparing your final Study.
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Peter singer.jpg

Argument Analysis Unit 2 - Analysing Peter Singer's work

Following from earlier work on ethical theory, we will apply our understanding of argument to analyse an article from Peter Singer. Learn more......