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Evidence of Learning

The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2 Philosophy:

School Assessment (70%)

External Assessment (30%)

Students should provide evidence of their learning through six assessments, including the external assessment component.
Students undertake:
  • two argument analysis assessments

    Argument Analysis Task 1 - Tools of the Trade. Analysing article on the Existence of God
    Argument Analyis Task 2 - Analysis of Peter Singer's argument "What's wrong with Killing?"

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Each assignment from above will be available on this Wikispace.

It is your responsibility to read it carefully taking note of the due date and word limits.You will then submit the task BY EMAIL to my address or

I will keep all your work for moderation purposes.

Each of your assessment tasks will have a specific combination of SACE Performance Standards.

Your task assessment will then be emailed to you and will look something like this....


I keep a complete DATABASE of all your work, its assessment and other information relating to your studies. This can be accessed at any time upon request.


The Performance Standards for Stage2 Philosophy are on this PDF file for your reference.